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New york makes the best bagels.

Sorry, these are just the facts.

Why, you ask?

Yes, the water

New York state has some of the purest water in the country. Arriving from the mountains upstate, the minerals and purity provide us with the ultimate base to start our dough.

But first, fermentation

This is where the magic happens. Our dough proofs or “rests” for up to 24 hours, creating that complex, yeasty flavor.

Then boiling in said water

Our bagels are kettle boiled to create that signature crispy, shiny crust, while still soft and chewy on the inside.

So... I guess I need to travel to New York
to live my bagel dreams?


Thats where Bagelista comes in! 😊


Thanks to Bagelista, you can enjoy the quality of New York Bagels
from the comfort of your home. Mouth-watering bagels. In your
freezer, ready whenever you crave them

40 year
Family Recipe

24 hour
dough proof

Kettle Boiled in NEW
YORK Water

Partially baked
Flash Frozen


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